About Ashish Arora

" My goal will accomplish if students rather than running away from Physics, start running for the subject, which holds the complete secret of phenomena happening across the universe. This is just a small tribute to the scientific world to which I belong. "
Ashish Arora
Founder & Chief Mentor, PHYSICSGALAXY.COM

The complexities of Physics have given nightmares to many. but the homegrown genius of Jaipur - Ashish Arora has helped several students to live their dreams by decoding it, profiles Rituraj Tiwari

Newton Law of Graviation and Faraday’s Magnetic force of attraction apply perfectly well with this unassuming genius. A Pied Piper of students, this encyclopaedia of Physics possesses strong gravitational pull and magnetic attraction for students who want to make it big in life.

Ashish Arora, gifted with rare ability to train masterminds, has mentored over 10,000 IITians in his 22 years of teaching sojourn. Apart from that, he has also groomed hundreds of students for cracking International Physics Olympiad. No wonder his student Navneet Loiwal brought laurel to the country by becoming the first Indian to win a Gold medal at the 2000 - International Physics Olympiad in UK.

His special ability to simplify the toughest of the Physics theorems rates him as one of the best Physics teachers in the world. With this, Arora simply defies the logic that perfection comes with age. Even at 18 when he started teaching Physics while pursuing enginnering, he was as engaging as he is now. Experience, besides greying his hair, has just widened his horizon.

Now after encountering all tribes of students - some brilliant and some not-so-intelligent - this celebrated teacher has embarked upon a noble mission to make the entire galaxy of Physics accessible and palatable. He hs uploaded free study resource on his website www.physicsgalaxy.com for easy understanding and complete grasp. These study materials aided with over 2000 video sessions and elaborative graphics are designed in a way to help students deal with the new concepts and techniques for solving typical numerical problems.

Dedicated to global students of middle and high school level, this website also has teaching sessions dubbed in American accent. For Indian students, teaching sessions would soon be available in regional languages as well for better understanding.